Thursday, March 31, 2016

From The Vault: The Nodance Film Festival In Black And White

Throwback to the Nodance Film Festival YEAR 6 event from 2003.  Nodance was the world's first DVD-projected film festival held in Park City, Utah.  Nodance catered to first-time filmmakers and digital filmmaking.  These stunning black and white photos were recently unearthed from my dank & creepy garage, and with a little spring cleaning, I present them here for the first time seen anywhere.

I was the founder and festival director of Nodance.

YEAR 6 was the year we got involved with the very talented Mr. Forest Whitaker.  Forest was so enamored of the Nodance spirit and enthusiasm, he brought some friends along for the ride.

And what a ride it was...

Nodance is no longer with us, but we can still enjoy the memories.


Photographer: currently unknown

<  Our Nodance storytelling panel with director of photography Matthew Libatique (CHI-RAQ, BLACK SWAN), moderator Chris Gore, director Mike Figgis (TIMECODE, LEAVING LAS VEGAS), and actor-director Forest Whitaker.

< Forest Whitaker giving a passionate speech about making movies with whatever means you have to tell your story.

< Nodance programmer Will Hartman, myself (Mr. Thumbs Up), and Forest Whitaker introduce the Mike Figgis DV world premiere of HOTEL.

< View of the storytelling panel from the back.

< The Nodance Film Festival HQ on Main Street.

< Hanging in the HQ with filmmaker/programmer Will Hartman (right).

< Chilling by the Nodance front entrance with event producer Ali Hileman-Brown and coordinator Francy Kachler.

< Ali Hileman-Brown surveys the scene at the closing night party.

< Me (left) with Nodance volunteer/filmmaker Ron Najor. Ron went on to produce indie classics "Short Term 12" & "I Am Not A Hipster."

< The one Nodance sign allowed on Main Street.

< Actor Jason Schwartzman & friend at the Nodance closing night party.

< Nodance cameraman Kevin Potter chatting with Forest Whitaker at the closing night party.  Kev shot video with Nodance from Year 1 - 6.

< Here's me, overlooking the Nodance audience.

< Event producer Ali Hileman-Brown with publicist Jim Dobson.

< Nodance with our good friend John.  We always threw a good party, open to the public.

< Nodance programmer Will Hartman (left) and me at the closing night party.  We met one day in Hermosa Beach because he noticed the IFP-West sticker on my car.  Good times.