Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Here's a quick short film I made with my iPhone 6+ while having lunch.  I was bored, so I made a 240 fps shot from my view of Congress & 7th Avenue.  The phone was handheld, and I give mad respect to the new stabilization features of the iPhone 6+.  I opened the shot in my iMovie app, and cut it for length.  I added a black and white filter for effect, and then added the in-app music track.  I improvised and recorded a first pass voice over that included the restaurant's ambient sounds.  I even added some foley work, with a few sounds of my dinner glasses clinking together, and my knife hitting the plate.  However, this ambience was too distracting, so I re-recorded the exact voice-over in a quiet room.  I played with the voice over timing, and slowed down the intro and exit. Finally, I layered in the "film by" credit, and output to 720p.  This iMovie film was completely improvised, and done entirely in my iPhone 6+.  You never know when the inspiration will strike to make a film, but luckily your phone is well-equipped to handle your muse.

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