Tuesday, March 24, 2015


< I decided to shoot a small 3-camera video project for Austin-based life coach, author and blogger Alicia Hartzell called AWAKENING TO YOUR STORY.  Alicia needed a 45 minute video as downloadable web content, and my traveling plethora of cameras was just the ticket.

< I pulled the one-man band set up, and went with my trusty Canon 5DMKIII DSLR, a venerable Canon 5DMKII, and an iPhone 6+ for a third close-up angle. Alicia only needed quick and easy web content, so the high def capabilities of the Canon DSLRs seemed to be an appropriate solution.  Plus, I was on a fading SXSW road trip, and it was all I had with me.  A perfect mobile set up.

< I brought out the RODE NTG-2 shotgun mic for A-camera sound synced to the 5DMKIII with a JuicedLink pre-amp.  I added a Sanken COS-11 lav mic connected to a Zoom H1 for back up.  I rented one c-stand, and a few affordable lights. I tried to go with a ring light for some beauty lighting, but the reflection off of Alicia's whiteboard was too intense. I moved it to camera left for a nice key, then bounced a few CFL bulbs off the wall for fill.  I even brought out the LitePanels mini to highlight the plant in the corner, hanging it off an extra tripod.

< I used an iPhone 6+ (not shown) as a 3rd angle camera, and was very pleased with the image.  I'm not sure how it will blend with the two DSLRs, but life is an adventure, so it's worth having an extra angle in post.

< Alicia was amazing in front of the camera.  She quickly adjusted to the DSLR's 10-minute limitation, and was able to deliver her great 45-minute speech. I kept a timer on my iPhone, and signaled her when she needed to "wrap up a thought."  If you get the chance, you can check out her book on Amazon HERE.

Photo: Alicia Hartzell

< Director/DP James Boyd (me) tweaking the 5DMKIII DSLR A-camera.

Thanks to Alicia for allowing me to film her web content.  It was great just to pull out the cameras, and make the magic happen.

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