Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kodak 8mm Home Movies: A Short Film

"Dracula Vs The Wolfman" - This horror short film from 1973, shows the eternal conflict between the lawful evil dark lord "Dracul" and his chaotic evil nemeses "The Wolfman."  Shot on 8mm Kodak film, it was thought lost forever, until a print miraculously appeared in a condemned Chilean insane asylum (screening was confirmed by a 1974 "Cray-Cray Bingo Night" pamphlet).  Unfortunately, the young female was devoured during the making of the film.

The film is directed by Patricia Boyd, and stars Tre Hellman as "Dracul," and the first on-screen, magnetic appearance of James Boyd as "The Wolfman."  A five-year old Boyd was rumored to have stayed in character, even as the cameras stopped rolling from production.  Boyd was later seen in THE ROAD WARRIOR, and had a scene cut from THE LOST BOYS.
Photo: Robert Stenger

< Director James Boyd reminiscing on the power of Kodak Super 8mm home movies.  Organic, man.

< Discussing 8mm home movies as our link to the past, and they're slowly dissolving in attics and garages all across our country.  Help preserve this amazing art form by transferring your home movies to digital.  But, be prepared for what you might find.

Rhonda Vigeant, "Home Movie Legacy Project"

< Rhonda Vigeant, creator of the "Home Movie Legacy Project" at Pro 8mm film lab in Burbank, CA.

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