Saturday, July 26, 2014

#QUADthemovie Buzzes The Aerial Cine Conference at AbelCine Burbank

So #QUADthemovie got the opportunity to head on down to AbelCine in Burbank to witness their aerial cinematography conference.  This was an awesome spectacle of serious camera people and their passion for flying the box.

On display were Hollywood-style drones that can hoist high-end professional cameras.  Safety and education were themes stressed all day long by the conference speakers, like Rich Hanson from the AMA, Lucien Miller from Innov8tive Designs, San Diego-based Aerial Mob and Charles Eide from the FlySafe training program.

Special thanks to Robert Rodriguez, Andy Shipsides and the AbelCine team for hosting us, and putting on such a kick ass conference for aerial cinematography.  I met some very passionate people at this event, and #QUADthemovie is very honored to be working with some great pilots and hobbyists.

< At the aerial cine conference, shooting with Canon C100 with Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder for uncompressed ProRes HQ files.  Our lenses were 14mm, 24-70mm f/2.8L and 70-200m f/2.8L.  Audio was direct to dailies through the C100 via a Rode Lav on channel 1, and a Sennheiser MK-416 shotgun boom mic on channel 2.  We used my Philip Bloom pocket dolly for some cool b-roll on the drone floor.

We shot B-cam on an iPhone 5s for BTS stills, and any quick b-roll video pickups.  We had a rock solid 5DMK3 DSLR on site as a back-up to A cam.

< #QUADthemovie be book leernin'.

Keep on quadding in the free world.


< Aerial Cine leader Robert Rodriguez announced the formation of the Society of Aerial Cinematographers.  Safe flying standards for commercial artists are a must.

Photo: Alex Meza

< Conferring over the c100 and Atomos gear.

Photo: Alex Meza
Photo: Alex Meza

Photo: Alex Meza

< Drones aplenty at the Aerial Cine event.  The passion of the pilots and industry attendees convinced me that the #QUADthemovie documentary was in good hands.

< Test 1-2.  Sipowitz.  Sipowitz...

< Going handheld in the sponsor area.

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