Friday, May 23, 2014

In Production: #QUADthemovie aerial documentary

So I'm wrapping up principal videography on QUAD THE MOVIE. What an amazing experience I had shooting the beautiful California landscapes.

< Hauling QUAD gear up the poison oak trail.  Don't touch anything.

< The Last Ride of Panny 2.3.  We lost a quad on the most innocent of days, at the worst of times. Panny 2.3 valiantly lost his battle with gravity, and made splashdown at mach 4 in the cold water of Vasona lake.  We cried.  We dried.  In the end, Panny 2.3 is only "mostly dead," which is slightly alive.  *More on how to deal with quadcopter water damage in future blog post.

< Workbench porn: We brought up "the kid" from the D-League.  He was green, but we put in the necessary upgrades to fly him in the starting rotation.

Welcome to the fleet Panny 2.4.

< Los Gatos Fresco.

< If you Google the word "NERD," this picture comes up.

< Getting the safety haps from the cool cats at the Alma Bridge Fire Station in Los Gatos.

Support your local fire station, and always follow the local and state flying laws for safety.  Never fly around people, children or animals (keep at least 150' distance).

< #QUADthemovie

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