Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Turn On The IOC Function On The Phantom 2 Quadcopter - Mac Version

©2014 - James Boyd
So you jumped in and bought the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, or maybe even upgraded to the newest version.  If you know what "IOC" is, and want to activate it on your Phantom 2, follow the steps below for MAC only.

"Intelligent Orientation Control" is a very powerful and advanced way to control your Phantom 2.  It is not intended for novices, so proceed at your own risk.

1.  Go to the DJI website for all applicable updates to ALL your gear.  Re-cycle everything.

2.  Go HERE, and download the MAC application for software assistant (latest version is 3.0).  Follow instruction prompts, and install on your hard drive.  DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PHANTOM 2 OR CONTROLLER YET.

3.  Once installed, double-click this application icon for the PHANTOM 2 assistant.  This is for MAC only.

4.  When you see this screen, click the "SKIP" button.

5.  You should see this screen.  Your PHANTOM 2 and controller should still be off.  If you turned on either unit, go back to #1, and start over with everything off.

6.  Turn on Phantom 2 controller.

7.  Insert battery into Phantom 2, and cycle on.

8.  Connect one end of the USB to Phantom 2, and one end to the USB of your MAC laptop.
10.  Once USB is plugged into laptop, the green and blue lights in bottom right corner of the screen should begin to light up (showing connection has been made).  You'll notice that the "IOC" section is still in the "OFF" position, but the Phantom 2 is now speaking with the "Phantom 2 Assistant" application.

11.  Calibrate your GPS compass before continuing.  Failure to complete this step will cause the upcoming "IOC" command to fail.

12.  In the upper right corner of the screen, CLICK the button that says "PHANTOM."

13.  Big scary screen asking if you're really the pilot for this type of job.  Don't click the default.  CLICK "YES."

14.  Another big scary screen really warning you of arcane horror if you proceed.  CLICK "YES."

15.  The button in the upper right should switch to "NAZA-M," and this menu should appear.  CLICK "OK."

16.  After clicking "OK," the menu should disappear.  CLICK "ADVANCED" in the upper menu.

17.  After clicking "ADVANCED," this menu will appear by default.

18.  CLICK the "IOC' button in the secondary menu.

19.  If you clicked the correct "IOC" button, this is the menu you will see.

Note: Double check that the green and blue buttons in the bottom right are still active.  If these lights are not active, go back to #1, and start over.

20.  Click the "Intelligent Orientation Control" button.

This should activate your IOC, and you will now be able to shift your controller's S2 switch to follow along with the application.  As you switch your S2 control from "OFF" to "CL" (COURSE LOCK), and "HL" (HOME LOCK), the menu slider will move accordingly.

You can also move the right switch (S1) from GPS to ATTI mode, and this will be reflected in the bottom left of the application, or MODE section.

21.  When you click back to VIEW mode (upper left), you'll notice the "IOC" section is now in the "ON" position.

22.  Congrats, you have successfully turned on the IOC function for your Phantom 2 with the mac assistant.

23.  Cycle down the Phantom 2 and controller, and disconnect USB cable from the laptop.

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