Monday, January 6, 2014

Apple TV Hookup

I got my Apple TV Xmas gift hooked up and running.  I'm excited to have a full slate of movies and "Breaking Bad" shows to watch at my fingertips.  I also synced my iTunes, Netflix, and NBA accounts to really expand the possibilities.  While stumbling through the vast iTunes library of movies, I came upon the Criterion Collection.  It blew my mind that so much history and film culture was immediately available for that random rainy Wednesday night.  And, thanks to Apple TV, I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's indie release of SHORT TERM 12 and BLUE CAPRICE.  I even mirrored my laptop to my TV with Airplay, and checked my email on the big screen. The video quality is excellent, and I can't wait to see Apple TV evolve.  Although for the highest fidelity, I'll always choose blu-ray DVD over streaming.  But for immediate variety, Apple TV seems like a great bet.

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