Tuesday, April 9, 2013

N.A.B. 2013 Sights and Sounds

< The halls of the N.A.B.  This is the largest convention I've ever seen.  It was so big, Les Stroud was filming an episode of "Survivorman" from inside.

< Taking a turn at the Canon booth with the C500.  4k, uncompressed RAW video for $26k.  Daddy like.

< My buddy Kevdog wrangling the Canon C300 on the live action CSI-type set.

< Me, taking a turn on the Canon C100.  Very interested in this camera with its new (temporary) price point ($5500), but the lack of 4k is an issue.  However, if you add an external recorder to the C100, like the Atomos Ninja 2, you can get a professional-level video stream (QT 4:2:2 10-bit, 200 Mbps) on par with the Canon C300 ($15k).

< The Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder hooked up to a Canon 5D Mark III.  The Canon rep I spoke to assured me that the new 5DMKIII firmware, with a clean HDMI out signal, would be ready by the end of April.  She couldn't give me an exact date, but "by the end of April," were her exact words.  I'm holding Canon to it.  Atomos just dropped the price of the Ninja 2 to $795, to cater to the #5D3 market.

< The always amazing Vincent Laforet chats up the SmallHD booth.

< The fantabulous cinematography guru Philip Bloom gives his best at the Q&A sponsored by the fine people from Kessler.  The absolute hippest part of the NAB convention floor was the Kessler-Zacuto area.  It was like watching a live action play of PORTLANDIA.

< The Freefly Cinema's Movi M10 stabilizer rig.  This area had quite the buzz coming into the show, and people were lined up to try out flying some DSLRs.  I stood in line, patiently waiting my turn, and...the floor model broke down right before my turn.  The rep claimed he needed to tweak a cable, but after 20 minutes, I gave up waiting for it to come back on line.

I felt this was a telling moment, and reminded me about the issues of a small company servicing its "broken" product.  I can't confirm this, but I felt it overheated, and then shut down.  Food for thought for this "game changer."

< Blackmagic Cinema Camera claims its new 4k version will be delivered by July.  While I really want this bad boy, check out Philip Bloom's take on Blackmagic possibly offering too much.  Even if it gets delivered in 2023, I want the 4k BMCC for $4k.

< Of all the booths I visited, the biggest buzz seemed to be centered on the "other" Blackmagic camera, The Pocket Cinema Camera.  It's a powerful lil' guy the size of an iPhone, and check out the specs for this $1k camera.  It was so busy at the booth, I wasn't able to fight my way past the 4-deep crowds waiting to thumb it up.  I snapped this quick picture, and then was wrestled to the floor by security (not really).

< Flying copters seemed to be all the rage.  They're quite terrifying to look at, but any time I need to follow a car chase, I'm fully stabilized by a veritable cornucopia of remote camera copters.

< The Harmon corridor as seen from the Signature/MGM Hotel shot with the 5DMKIII.

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  1. This is a great writeup. Nice to read something on NAB that's beyond specs and marketing speak.