Sunday, February 17, 2013

Product Review: Think Tank International v2.0 Camera Bag

< I have to admit, I've always been a shoulder bag kinda guy.  I liked the feel of having my gear close to my body, and within arms reach.  But whether it was my rapidly aging back, or too many long airport walks, I finally made the decision to explore one of mankind's greatest inventions: the wheel.  I did my Google-nerd research, and centered on the Think Tank International v 2.0 camera bag ($370).

This bag is spacious and well-built.  It's the perfect size bag for world travel due to its internationally-approved cabin dimensions.  It's got some weird lockable items, so you can lock your bag to a table and walk away (don't know why you would, but it's there for you).  The aluminum carry handle is a bit flimsy, but so far, no problems with it.  Absolutely love the sewn carry handles.

< Inside the bag: 5DMKIII, 5DMKII, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 50mm, 2x Extender, Marshall monitor, Zoom H4N, Zoom H1, JuciedLink pre-amp, Rode NTG-2 mic, Manfrotto magic arm, adjustable arm, Nasty Clamp, Litepanels Croma light, headphones, (not shown: XLR cable, intervalometer, boom pole, tripod).  Basically: 2 DSLR cameras, 4 lenses, monitor w/arm, audio package.

< The secret is in the wheels.  Very similar to inline skate wheels, these roundies deliver a sturdy roll.

< One of the best attributes of the Think Tank Intl 2.0 is the ability to hold a 17" laptop in a stretchy front pouch.  I put the laptop in a neoprene sleeve, and it slides out perfectly at airport security, or on the plane.

OVERALL: A+ / I'm always looking for the perfect bag, and this one may be close.  The jump over from shoulder carry to wheels has truly changed my life.  You'd think it would be a no brainer, but I was stubborn.  If you're considering moving to wheels, I highly recommend starting with the Think Tank Intl 2.0 camera bag.

Sunday, February 10, 2013