Wednesday, January 2, 2013

AUDIO: Shock Mounts For DV Boom Poles

If you're like me, you spent your holidays obsessing about which shock mount to get for your boom pole.  This piece of equipment isolates the shotgun microphone from noise, and provides a stable mounting connector to the boom.  Below are four options for getting good, quiet sound from your boom.

< The K-Tek ($122) is expensive, but well worth the price.  With a machined aluminum base that screws directly into the 3/8" screw of my boom pole, the K-Tek only has one moving part. It has both vertical and horizontal mounting threads, and a ratchet-style arm for adjusting the microphone angle.  Lightweight and solidly built, the K-Tek is what you need.

K-Tek in action

< Here, the K-Tek is mounted (screwed) on the boom pole.  Solid connection in the thread.  The suspension rubber is thick, and it takes a bit of kinoodling to get the microphone to slide in properly.  It only carries shotgun mics.

< The RODE ($50) is a solid piece of equipment.  But, it has plastic parts that could easily become cracked or broken through overuse.  Make sure to correct any wobble by tightening the underneath screw.  It has a hot shoe connector or 3/8" stud mount (plastic).

< The Pearstone ($56) shock mount is almost identical to the Rode.  However, I feel the rubber is stronger, and would be better suited for the abuses of production.  The base has a 3/8" or hot shoe mount.

 < The Azden SMH-1 ($30) shock mount is pretty good, but lacks the ability to adjust the microphone angle.  It has a locked off metal support base rod that keeps the microphone isolated.  It has a hot shoe or 3/8" mount thread, but the 3/8" thread was too small for the boom pole connector.  I had to use a few adapters to be able to attach the shock mount.

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