Monday, August 6, 2012

Indie Pioneer Jon Jost's 6 Tips For DIY Filmmaking

Jon Jost
Our friends at Film School Rejects have posted a list of six DIY filmmaking tips from indie filmmaking pioneer Jon Jost.  Mr. Jost was the first filmmaker I ever saw that held his camera with one hand, and a microphone with the other.  It opened my mind to the possibilities of DIY filmmaking.

I particularly like #4 on the list ("Get Out Of The Movie Theater"), which means you need to live a life before you can comment on it.  Back in the day, I attended a Tarantino video release signing for "Reservoir Dogs," at the now famous Manhattan Beach video store, where he worked before making movies.  During a brief Q&A, I asked Quentin if he'd ever fired a weapon before making the movie.  He just stared at me, then quickly transitioned to his experiences in Amsterdam, while writing his new screenplay "Pulp Fiction."  Point is, you don't need to rob a bank to make a great bank robber movie, but you do need flesh and blood, human experiences to create three dimensional characters and plot.  Artists can't abstract from nothing, so live your life, THEN pick up the camera.  If you have to hold your own microphone, so be it.

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