Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movie review: TIMESCAPES

< I don't normally review new movies on this blog, but the new time laspe/slow motion film by Tom Lowe is just far enough under the radar to give it some love.  Through social media, I followed the making of this spectacular movie from its inception, and leading up to the world premiere at NAB in Las Vegas in April 2012.  Unfortunately, I only have the 1080p Blu-ray version on my 60" plasma, and not the 4K download version that is spoken of only in hushed whispers.

The movie opens with a water reflection shot, and you are immediately transfixed by the lush colors, and hypnotizing water dance.  Immaculate desert sunsets, double rainbows, raging coastlines, and gyrating young females (from EDC in Las Vegas) all mix together into a kaleidoscope of sensory overload.  Beautifully shot on Canon DSLRs and the Red 4K camera by one of the world's best astrophotographers, Lowe has created a masterpiece.

TIMESCAPES is mixed with a haunting original score by Nigel John Stanford, and it compliments the images perfectly.  The 42-minute film (complete with a director's commentary track) manages to induce feelings of humility to a larger universe, and there were times when I felt drugged with vertigo.  I wondered aloud that if not for gravity, I might just spin off this earth-rock, and explode into the stars Silver Surfer style.  Witnessing that much stellar activity makes day-to-day stresses seem very trivial.

I did have a few problems with the editing, and some of the juxtapositions were jarring, but overall Lowe shows me an incredible universe raging above my head.  If you're a fan of BARAKA, then I highly recommend this DIY film.  I look forward to seeing the next installment from the DreamCore Pictures group.  Overall: A-