Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The totally unofficial CINEMA DECADENCE film festival

If you love movies like I do, it's inevitable that you'll retroactively discover the lost classics.  I've seen many of these films over the years, mostly forced upon me in film studies classes, or at a random film festival.  So why not collect them all, and make my own film festival.  Lacking insight as a  youngling, I stupidly confessed that I avoided any movie made before 1970.  Anything pre-GODFATHER was just not on the bucket list.  Yet, I've mellowed with age and experience, and now seek out the origins of this historically new art form with fresh eyes.  I've meticulously cobbled together this DVD collection (mostly Blu-ray & Criterion) over the last year, and now I get to watch these movies all together in one big broth of cinematic decadence.  Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Indian, Swedish and American cinema are all represented in this personal film festival.  I've grabbed a lot of films from the Toronto Top 100, Martin Scorsese's list of must sees, and my own personal interests.  If something's missing from my grouping, please drop me a comment.  It's a little light on Hitchcock, which I plan to remedy with a few visits to Amazon.com.  I'll be updating this post with brief reviews, and planning some free Tweetup screenings in Los Angeles to watch and discuss, so check back often for full details.


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