Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Product Review: Double-Headed Nasty Clamp and Nori Square reflector

Review: The Double-headed Nasty Clamp ($59) is a very cool piece of equipment, simply for its versatility in tough situations.  While bendable, the shaft is plenty stiff to hold a variety of devices.  The clamps (hands) are two different sizes, and have plenty of tension.  You can manually lengthen or shorten the shaft length as needed.  I highly recommend this multi-clamp for any good camera kit.  Overall: "A"

< Here, I've got the double-headed Nasty Clamp holding my LitePanels Croma light in different positions.  Could come in handy for a quick setup of some fill light.  It had plenty of stiffness to vertically hold up the weight of the Croma light.

< The double-headed Nasty clamp with the GoPro camera gives a quick angle in the corner.  The big clamp grabs the shelf, and the little clamp holds the GoPro.

< The little clamp has plenty of tension to grab the smallest of objects.

Bonus review: The Nori SquareBounce umbrella reflector ($189).

< From our friends at Wide Open Camera, I found the Nori SquareBounce reflector.  It opens like an umbrella, and will lock in position.  It comes with a carry case, and has both a silver and white umbrella reflector.  Pretty bad ass innovation, and really simple to use.  I like that it can double as a reflector and a sun shade.  I'll take some points because it is pricey, but overall: "A-"

< The compact umbrella-style is unique among reflectors.  No more confusing twists.  If you can operate an umbrella, you can figure out the Nori reflector.

< Opening of the Nori.

< Nori reflector set up.


  1. Can you tell me how much weight the doubleheaded nasty clamp takes before it looses its rigidity? thanks.

  2. I don't have specific weights that the Nasty Clamp can hold, but as you can see in the photo above, it's rigid enough to hold my Croma light straight up (up to 1 lbs). It can handle a GoPro or iPhone no problem. I had trouble holding up my DSLR, but it might be able to hold up a 60D with small lens. It's better used holding small things like flags, scrims, or gels in weird positions. It can definitely hold shotgun mics. It's a very handy piece of equipment.