Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Product Review: Litepanels CROMA LED Light

< The new Litepanels CROMA LED light ($584) provides a bright and lightweight light to ENG-style DSLR lighting, or can be used as a quick fill light to add depth.  What makes the CROMA unique is its dimmable color temperature knob (3200-5600k or tungsten to daylight).

< The Litepanels CROMA mounted with included ball mount onto a 5DMKII.  Mounted with batteries here, which adds weight to your ENG-style set up.  But what you lose in weight, you make up for in big white light.

< CROMA from behind with the included cold-shoe ball mount.

< Simple knobs control the brightness and color temp of the light.  There's no way of knowing the actual color temp, and you must judge it with your eye.  It basically adjusts from orange (3200k) to white (5600k).  The white mode is a nice even LED light, but the orange mode has some center distortion (or "spotlight" look).

< Daylight/white mode at 5600k.

< Tungsten/orange mode at 3200k.

< Really cool carry case for the Litepanels CROMA.

< CROMA at full power from the 6 AA batteries. Or you can plug it into the wall, and even have D-tap from your Anton Bauer.

< CROMA scale next my Litepanels Micro.

OVERALL: "A-"  - It's lightweight and powerful, but you pay for that privilege (almost $600 bones).  I really like being able to control the color temp without a lens filter.  When using batteries, it gets much heavier, but well worth the extra weight just to get the mobile power.  With a d-tap, it could be used in its lightweight form, and would really benefit the ENG crowd.  A lot of power in this small light.  Nice carry case and ball head mount.  I see the CROMA being used as a the ultimate dashboard light in nighttime driving shots.

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  1. Looks like a very nice accessory both for photo and video. I've never before seen a compact continuous light source device that has adjustable color temp. I own a Frezzi Micro-Fill that gives nice dimmable light, with built in diffuser and barn doors, but the power supply is literally a brick! Something to think about.