Thursday, February 9, 2012

Product Review: P&C Pistol Grip Handle Rig

If you're looking for an affordable stabilizer rig for an iPhone 4S or small camera (HDSLR or Sony NEX-5N), then I recommend the $59 P & C Pistol Grip Handle Rig.  Basically, this rig is two plastic grip handles with 1/4" x 20 threaded studs for attaching your camera or accessories like a small light and/or microphone.

< The two grip handles can be used by themselves, or attached with the included 11" magic arm.  It's very lightweight, but sturdy enough to stabilize your shot.

< I've attached my LitePanel Micro Light and the Rode VideoMic to the left handle, and my Iphone 4S to the right handle.  In this "Fig Rig" style set up, mobile interviews would be a breeze.  You could easily attach the Zoom H1 to microphone for dual-system recording.  I'm also using the Cool Lux dual bracket for the light and microphone, and the $20 GLIF iPhone mount.  *Please note: You can't plug the microphone directly into the iPhone 4S without an adapter.

< Very small footprint to get your footage.  Don't plug your mic directly into the iPhone 4S.  It won't work.  Make sure you add an adapter between the microphone and iPhone.  If you're not using dual-system sound, see my other blog post about in-camera iPhone sound.

< If you want more stabilization, turn the handles into a line, and gently press the extra handle into your chest.  I actually prefer this set up to the "Fig Rig" set up above.

< The red screw handles make it easy to tighten down your camera or adapters.

< Closeup of x3 adapters to attach the light to the cold shoe adapter.  The red Zacuto Zotshoe, a 1/4"m to 3/8" f bolt, and a 3/8" m to 1/4" m bolt.  This set up is just what I had available in my "Adapter City" bag.  There's lots of options for adapters. Check out B&H Video for some cool adapter stuff.

P&C Pistol Grip Custom Camera Handle from emmagination on Vimeo.


  1. where can i buy this whole set up ?

  2. Follow the purple links, bro. Make sure you get the audio adapter from KV Connection in order to connect the mic to the iPhone.