Sunday, February 5, 2012

Directing With The Jib Arm - "Taste Nirvana" Show

< So I was able to wrangle my Glidecam CamCrane 200 jib arm on an internet cooking show called "Taste Nirvana."  We shot in a studio, which gave me the perfect opportunity to utilize the vertical and horizontal moves of the jib arm.

< I mounted my 5DMKII on a Manfrotto ball head, and counter-balanced with about 20+lbs on the opposite end of the jib arm.   Very smooth movements, and I was even able to zoom in and out on some shots.  I also did a few rack focus shots, but preferred a diagonal zoom shot, ending on the product.

< Mika and Jack from  This was my first cooking show, and I was drooling with hunger by the end of each episode.  Thanks to Josh Dragotta, Caleb Varnadoe, Ruth Olvido, Kristen Koskella, Josh Steinberg, and Reuben Lim for being a great group of co-workers.

< Vertical move luv.  Jib wrangling, as Jack sets up for a Thai food cooking lesson.  I really want to add a pan/tilt head to give me much more control.

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