Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time Lapse: Sundance 2012 Main Street

I shot a few time lapses while I was attending the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  The two shots were done using my Canon 5DMKII and 70-200mm f/2.8L lens.  I used an interval of 7 seconds, and the long shot was created over a 9 hour period.  The first shot has some flicker to it, and I would've used a de-flicker filter to help clean it up, but I was rushed to upload since I was being thrown out of my condo at checkout time.  If the flicker in shot #1 bothers you, just blink your eyes really fast to compensate.  I animated in Quicktime at 24 frames, then imported both shots to FCP.  While in FCP, I added a touch of contrast, saturation, and sharpness, then created the slow digital zoom in the long shot #2.  I exported out with Compressor to a manageable file, and uploaded to Youtube.  The music is by Jeff Hefti, and I chose it based on trying to avoid the traditional "speedy" tech song found in so many time lapse videos.  I think Jeff's excellent score adds a more somber tone, and is a nice contrast to the hyper activity of Main Street.  I always try to create contrast and conflict in art, and again, it was going against the grain of what's out there.  I synced the lights in shot #1 to the music cue, and adjusted my long shot (shot #2) to the ending of the music.  I actually shot a few more time lapses with my iPhone, but they seemed out of place to the dynamic 5DMKII shots, and decided to keep only 2.  I had a great view of Main Street from my condo, and could let the cameras run, while out and about at the festival.  I knew that Saturday afternoon and night were going to be the busiest time of the festival on Main Street, so I wanted to capture the population crush that happens during that time period.  I wish I had more time in post, but "they" were literally standing at the doorway, waiting for me to leave the condo, as I finished my Youtube upload.  I had to checkout.  Fate plays its part in the overall quality, but I made my deadline, and left town.  Thank you, Sundance 2012!

My personal pictures from the festival can be found here:

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