Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Lapse: The Road To Sundance

So I'm heading up to Sundance 2012, and shot a seven hour time lapse of the drive with my GoPro Hero 2.  I mounted the camera to the side mirror with the Fat Gecko camera mount, gaff tape, a rubber band, and safety twine (that's 4 levels of redundancy).  I set up the camera to shoot full res every 5 seconds, and finished in Adobe Lightroom & FCP.  I also mounted a 5DMKII and 60D inside the car, but those angles weren't as interesting as the exterior GoPro.  I slowed it down to 50% during the Arizona Gorge sequence because it's just so cool.  Oddly, there was no snow on this trip, so things are very spring-like.  I went through Provo, and around the backside of Park City, to end up at the world famous Egyptian Theater.

< GoPro H2 mounted to side mirror with Fat Gecko camera mount.

< Canon 60D mounted upside down, and the exterior GoPro H2.

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  1. Very nice!
    Please be kind and tell us about your workflow, from Lightroom to FCP.