Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time Lapse: Sunsets in the Sofax

< CLICK HERE to watch the time lapse video.

This is a collection of sunsets shots from my front porch in the Sofax (or Southern Fairfax) area of Los Angeles.  Shot with Canon 5DMKII and 60D.  Finished in Adobe Lightroom & Final Cut Pro.

HDR time lapse at 1:25 (Photomatix Software)
HDR time lapse at 2:39

Music: "Forty-Two" by Sonic Adventure Project (with permission).

© James Boyd - 2011

< Porchlapse: It was raining hard, and I was barely protected on my porch.  One shift of the wind, and I would've had to grab my gear, and head inside.  My luck held, and I got a su-wheeet opening shot.

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