Thursday, November 3, 2011

New cameras abound: Canon C300 & Red Scarlet

The new Canon C300 was released today with heavy promotion (including Martin Scorcese giving a pep talk).  Canon also released a new set of lenses to accompany their new $20,000 baby.

Check out Engadget's live blog of the Canon event, complete with the specs.

Not to be outdone, Red released their new Scarlet camera:
The Scarlet camera specs are very similar to the Canon C300, but at a much lower price point ($13k).  Check out the specs on the Nofilmschool site.

Oh yeah, and Redrock Micro released their new cage specifically for the Canon C300, and a universal cage for regular HDSLRs (The ultraCAGE):

Cinematography wizard, Philip Bloom, gives his updated take on the two cameras HERE.

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