Saturday, November 19, 2011

Concert review: COLD WAR KIDS at the Troubadour

< The COLD WAR KIDS are a band--a good one, and "band" is the key word.  It's very obvious that these guys love playing music with each other.

They were constrained on the tiny, yet iconic, stage of the Troubadour, but seemed to use every inch of the space.  When the band members constantly rub their sweaty heads on each other, it's very clear that they're communicating on a deeper, more meaningful, level.  That infectious love bleeds into the audience, and we all bond together as one.

  < Not to take anything away from the other musicians, but there's a mountain on the left side of the stage in the form of guitarist Jonnie Russell.  He rocked some wicked guitar, piano, vocals, and even smashed a cymbal to its death.  I have to give props to drummer Matt Aveiro for creating a massive sound, with one arm playing drums, and his other arm playing the rumba shaker.  Bassist Matt Maust might be the coolest dude in rock for sitting at the front of the stage, and asking the ravenous fans how "they" were doing.

< Lead singer/pianist, Nathan Willett, crushes the vocals with his beautiful falsetto, and deep, dark lyrics.  This was a sold out "fan club only" show at the Troub, and I realized very early on that it was a singalong by the loyal fan base.  They played for a good hour and a half before taking their first break, played all their heard-on-the-radio-stuff, while not ignoring the more obscure first album stuff.  I loved every minute of it, and I hope you get to see the COLD WAR KIDS up close, so you can understand their level of musicianship and artistry.  Thanks.

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