Friday, October 28, 2011

Game review haiku: "Batman: Arkham City"

The Batman is pissed
Blobs need a good ass kicking
Greatest game evah

Sneaky cat hottie 
Teases the Batman with claws
Green eyes whip cleavage

Why won't this crazy
Lunatic just off himself
Ass with a bowtie

Little fat bald man
Dude when will you ever learn
Penguins can't fly

< JB's review: A+ / Gameplay, graphics, story all top-notch. Kudos to the music score.  Can be difficult, with too many options during combat.  But, the zipline/glide method of transportation is super cool.  I'm miles from finishing, and it's quite possibly the best game I've ever played.  The thugs talk a lot of smack, so I always end every fight with "I'm the effing Batman, dummy!"  If you like the Batman, you'll love this game.  If you like action/adventure games, this is the new king.  It's that good.

< If you see this, you've got too much free time.

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