Friday, September 23, 2011

Project: Dallas Cowboys TV

< So I was lucky enough to get ahold of an all-access media badge to the Dallas Cowboys vs the San Francisco 49ers football game.  I was told I could bring any camera equipment I had available.

<  I brought my 5DMKII, a 70-200mm f/2.8L, and my 2x extender.  I wanted to shoot at 1/1000 sec shutter to really freeze the action, but since I lost an f stop with the extender, I tried to cheat down to 1/500th sec shutter speed.  I found 1/800th to be my sweet spot at f/5.6 - f/11.  I also shot in multi-shot mode.

To understand my obsession with the Cowboys, you have to go way back to the early days.  The salad days...

< Xmas in 1972.  4 years old.

< Me and my buddy, Mike Medina, with Cowboys' Tom Landry at training camp in Thousand Oaks, CA - 1979 (11 years old).

< My autograph board from 1979.

< Me walking on the field at Texas Stadium 1992.  I worked as a PA for the Thanksgiving game, and got to wrangle cable for the post-game interviews.

< Me working the field at Candlestick in 1994.  I worked the game, and got to wrangle audio for the post-game interviews.  I remember standing next to Troy Aikman, and wondering if the moment was really happening.

< Me working the field at Candlestick in 2011.

< Go time!

< 49ers Isaac Sopoaga.

< 49ers QB Alex Smith.

< Cowboys' RB Felix Jones gets outside.

< D Linemen Marcus Spears & Jay Ratliff celebrate the OT victory.

< The NFL logo at the center of the field.

< Helmets.

< WR Jesse Holley observes the spectacle of the NFL.

< WR Miles Austin bounces into the end zone for his 3rd TD of the day.

< WR Miles Austin.

< Tony Romo works it out with the O line.

< WR Kevin Ogletree.

< Romo calls the audible.

< Tony Romo with Cowboys' head coach Jason Garrett.

< Romo played with a fractured rib and collapsed lung, and it showed in the huddle.  Cowboys won in overtime.

< Romo grits it out on the sideline.

< After treatment, Romo returns from the locker room.

< Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

< Cowboys' media man, Scott Purcel.

< Crazy legs Dwayne Harris.

< OLB DeMarcus Ware.

< TE Jason Witten.

< Tony Romo in the post-game press conference.