Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple releases FINAL CUT PRO X

< If you haven't heard, Apple has released FINAL CUT PRO X to their app store for $299.  They also included new MOTION & COMPRESSOR programs for $49 each.  There's now no need to transcode your HDSLR H.264 footage to Quicktime, and you can shoot, import, and edit on the fly.

The new FCP X version does not overwrite your previous FCP versions, but it will rearrange the files for import.  Any plug-in filters from earlier version will not work in the X version, until updates can be made.

I'll update this entry later with reviews as they appear.

UPDATE:  Ken Stone weighs in with his overview.
UPDATE: Digital Rebellion has the good, bad, and ugly facts.
UPDATE: Wide Open Camera's interesting take: calm down.
UPDATE: New York Times says long live Final Cut.
UPDATE: Apple hits back.

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