Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vincent Laforet @ The Association's HDSLR workshop

On Saturday May 21st, The Association in Los Angeles will be adding pulitzer prize-winning photographer and director of REVERIE, Vincent Laforet, to their Pro Level 1 Canon HDSLR workshop.

In addition to the normal class, Fletcher Murray and instructor Snehal Patel will add an additional 2 hours for Vincent to impart his wisdom to students of this very special class.

This is a first-rate, hands-on HDSLR class that just got even better.  It takes place in Burbank, CA (by Waner Brothers Studios), and registration is $399 on the Association website.

You can see REVERIE here from Vincent Laforet.  A must see for any HDSLR fan.

Laforet's 3-day online seminar with Chase Jarvis' CreativeLIVE can be viewed HERE.  I've watched this class over a weekend, and it's the bombdiggidy.

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