Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lapsin' in Big D

I'm traveling through Dallas to see friends, and got a nice view of the Dallas skyline.  I brought my 5DMKII, 60D, 70-200mm, 2x extender, 100mm, 14mm wide, and lots of mounting options.  My favorite tool this trip has got to be the Bogen Magic Arm.  It's so versatile, allowing me to get the camera right up next to the glass,.  But it also needs something heavy to connect that 3/8" mount.  So I brought my Manfrotto 190X tripod, which packs up nicely into the suitcase.  I'm also using the Delkin Fat Gecko suction mount, which is another great tool to get up close to the window.  Below are a few stills from the time lapsing.  I promise to post the video when it's complete.  Follow this blog entry for updates.

< Room #1: The new anti-gravity mount is working perfectly on the left camera.  Attn: nerdlingers, there's no such thing in nature...yet.  It's actually the Delkin Fat Gecko holding up a lot of glass (the 70-200mm lens with 2x extender).

< Through sheer luck, the W Hotel upgraded my room, and this was the view they gave me.  Thanks, front desk Meagan.

< Room #2: time lapse heaven.  5DMKII, 60D, & iPhone 4.   Since I'm out of cameras, I took this shot with my laptop (Photo Booth).  Floor to ceiling windows and balconies are always in demand if you're lapsin'.  Ask for them.

< Cranes are your friend when lapsin'.

< Rocker-lapse before the Mavs game.

< Worker-lapse.

< View of Dallas skyline from uptown.

< Dallas Mavs fans exit the AA Center.  For this time lapse, I used my iPhone 4, a Nasty clamp, and the GLIF mount.

< Mmmmmm...14mm f/2.8L.  I want to be buried with this lens.

< The final morning commute time lapse from the balcony of the W Hotel in uptown Dallas, TX.

More to come...

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