Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Atomos wins NAB 2011 for me

If JB's unofficial, sitting-at-home-capacity, opinionated awards were handed out this week, my favorite unofficial NAB award would go to: The Atomos ProRes video recorder.  While there were a lot of great cameras and new EVFs, the NINJA ($995) & SAMURAI ($1495) ProRes video recorders seem ready to be real game changers.  You're basically using your uncompressed HDMI out signal from your camera to record to a hard drive with on-the-fly lossless conversion to ProRes 422.  I highly recommend paying attention to this new device for HDSLR video projects.  If it works as promised, the compression to H.264 will be thing of the past for HDSLRs.

UPDATE 4/22/11: see review from, and please make note of the current HDSLR limitations (tech issues with Canon 5D, 7D, 60D, & T2i, but works on Panasonic AF100 & GH2, and the new Sony F3).

< The Atomos Ninja ($995)

You can watch this cool Cinema 5D video from NAB on the Atomos device, and how it works.

David Shapton on all you need to know about the $995 Atomos Ninja from cinema5D on Vimeo.

Also, be sure to check out Black Magic's new uncompressed Hyperdeck Shuttle & Studio versions.  The Ki Pro Mini, Fast Forward's Sidekick, and Sound Devices Pix 220 are other 10-bit ProRes 422 external recorders that are worth watching.

JB's unofficial runner up: Final Cut Pro X - but only because it was just a presentation, and not a hands-on demo.  Anything less than a stunning new NLE, and Apple will have lost their loyalty in the market.

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