Thursday, March 17, 2011

iPhone 4 Two-Axis Time Lapse Rig

I had some free time to kill, so I hooked up my iPhone 4 with the Camalapse 360 ° egg timer, the Kessler ElektraDRIVE, and the Philip Bloom pocket dolly.  I created an affordable, two-axis time lapse rig for the iPhone 4.

< The Camalapse egg timer ($25) hoists the iPhone 4 and shockmount holder.

< The Kessler Oracle controller with the ElektraDRIVE motor pod and Philip Bloom pocket dolly.

< With the Kessler ElektraDRIVE 200 series motor pod.

< The shockmount holder fits onto mic stands, but also has a 1/4" f adapter to mount on top of the Camalapse egg timer.  It works great because you can get to the back of the camera to set up your shots.  However, outside in the wind, the iPhone 4 turns into a wobbly sail.

< I used the ElektraDRIVE 200 series motor, which is faster than the 500 series motor pod.  The speed of the egg timer is fairly matched by the speed of the 200 series motor pod.

< The Bogen Magic Arm (with additional adapter) mounted to the Philip Bloom pocket dolly made a nice way to skim the tops of the blades of grass.  I tried to find a way to mount the camera upside down (like HDSLR), but was thwarted by the auto-level of the iPhone 4.

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