Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: GoPro LCD BacPac

JB's review of the GoPro LCD BacPac.  This is a great addition to an already great camera.  This add-on LCD screen finally gives the user a view of what the camera is shooting.  It can also playback the video with sound and/or pictures.  The BacPac snaps onto the existing GoPro HD Hero camera, and with a simple firmware upgrade for the 1080p cameras, it can remove the guesswork from blind, old school Hero cameras.  It reminds me of the Canon 60D, with its much-needed swiveling LCD screen.

For $79, the BacPac is a fairly affordable upgrade that brings this tiny camera to another level in weather-proof sports cameras.  If you love your GoPro Hero, you'll likely freak out with this new addition.

< This is the size we're talking about.

< The BacPac connector.

< Once hinged, the LCD gently snaps right into the Hero camera Bus port.  It adds very little weight to the Hero camera.

< You press the new button for 2 seconds, and you'll enter LCD menu.

< Some of the sample menus from the LCD menu.  This is a great way to understand what the different settings are when you're in the field.

< The new waterproof door (provided) needs to be clipped on.  Make sure you follow the directions on replacing this.  I used the STANDARD waterproof door.

< The LCD BacPac & Hero camera ready for underwater or mountain terrain.  Also shown is the tripod connector (black).

 < GoPro + BacPac in recording mode.  Your video mode is displayed in the upper left.

< GoPro + BacPac in playback mode.  It's very handy that the on-screen display shows the resolution and frame rate.

< A cool tiny speaker for your video playback.

< Shooting video in the weatherproof case.

< GoPro gives you a set of new case doors, and operating manual.

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  1. Who needs so many different back doors? It will be better that GoPro sell you only the one you need and sell the Bacpac for less money.