Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sundance 2011 - "Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" short film

Day 1 - Los Angeles to Las Vegas (4 hrs)
Day 1 - Vegas Layover
Day 2 - Las Vegas to Park City, Utah (6.5 hrs)
Canyons of Arizona

80 MPH - I'm starting to see colors...
Frozen Deer Lake behind Park City

Living Room
View of Egyptian from condo

DAY 3 - Opening night

Party #1: Artist At The Table event.

Sold out crowd at Eccles Center for the Harry Belafonte world premiere of "Sing Your Song."

Danny Glover at "Sing Your Song" premiere.

Robert Redford intros the "Sing Your Song" premiere.

Harry Belafonte seated at the "Sing Your Song." premiere.

The prince of Park City - Morgan Spurlock.

Filmmaker party on opening night.

DJ Scooter rocks the house at the filmmaker party.

James Franco steps out on Main Street to pose for pictures with his adoring fans.  He was gracious enough to chat for  about 20 minutes before the crowd swell forced him to retreat.  Great guy, and total stud to give some love to the people.

James Franco flashes the money maker.

James Franco drifts away in thought.  Congrats on the Oscar nom.

Franco swarmed by fans.

Me shooting some random b-roll on Main Street with 5DMKII & 70-200mm with 2x extender.

Sundance filmmaker's late night lounge.

ESPNzone's NFC/AFC championship party at Tao underground.

Lance Weiler's transmedia exhibit at the New Frontier for PANDEMIC.

The cast & crew of "Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" screening at the Holiday Cinema IV.  Photo: James Boyd

Cast & Crew of "Crazy Beats Strong Every Time"  - Sundance 2011.  Photo: James Boyd

The cast & crew prepare for the Q & A after the film.

Crowds line up for the "Crazy Beats..." screening.

Lead actor Dante E. Clarke.

Writer-Director-Producer Moon Molson at the screening of "Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" in Sundance Shorts Program III.

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