Monday, December 27, 2010

AbelCineTech's Field of View Comparator

The smart dudes at AbelCineTech have released a really cool "Field of View Comparator" for determining what different lenses look like on different cameras.  Say you have a full frame Canon 5D Mark II, and want to see what a 35mm lens looks like compared to the new Panasonic AF100.

Simply plug in your camera & lens size, and the calculator will give you the results.  It's very helpful for understanding how your full frame sensor behaves compared to a crop or magnified sensor (like the Canon 7D).

Check out Philip Bloom's Blog for more details, and video explanation of full frame vs crop sensors.

Also, the ARTEMIS iPhone app is an excellent way to see different focal lengths on the go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roving Cameras Add Coverage To Productions

The folks over at have posted an excellent article on the benefits of adding multiple camera HDSLR coverage to any production shoot.  The theory goes you set up your A & B cameras as usual, but then add roving "pick your shot" HDSLRs to add depth and speedy diversity to your coverage.  This technique worked very well for the 5DMKII "House" finale, and the George Lucas/Philip Bloom "Red Tails" shoot.  I experienced it first hand on a shoot I did for the PBS/ITVS series "Exposure."

While shooting production stills on "Exposure," I decided that I was wasting good camera angles, and felt compelled to shoot HDSLR video during the takes.  Since our valiant crew only had an "A" camera angle, I gave the director, DP, and editor a few more options in post-production by adding my 5DMKII footage.  Yes, it was sloppy and improvised, but if they needed a quick cutaway, my 5DMKII footage was there for them.

I highly recommend adding multiple HDSLR cameras to any production in order to flesh out your coverage.  These cameras are inexpensive, and coupled with a good zoom lens (and smart operator), you can get more interesting coverage from the same setups, without the hassles of a full crew and camera package.

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" accepted to 2011 Sundance Film Festival

"Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" has been accepted to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  The 27 minute short film is directed by Moon Molson, produced by Jennifer Phang, and executive produced by Reuben Lim.  44 short films were selected from a record 3,453 submissions.  "Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" will screen five times at Sundance from Jan. 20-29th, 2011.

Yours truly is the co-executive producer of this film, and I'm very excited to screen it in Park City for the Sundance audiences.

Sundance Film Festival - 2011 Screening Schedule

• Friday Jan. 21st @ 9:00 am / Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City

• Saturday Jan. 22nd @ 6:45pm / Broadway Centre Cinema 5, SLC

• Monday Jan. 24th @ 9:00pm / Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City

• Thursday Jan. 27th @ 7:00pm / Redstone Cinema 7, Park City

• Saturday Jan. 29th @ 8:30pm / Prospector Square Theater, Park City


"Crazy Beats Strong Every Time" Facebook page