Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Make HDR Photos With 5DMKII

HDR (or High Dynamic Range) Photography is the simple process of taking three exposures of the same subject, then merging them in post into a highly detailed image. HDR photography reveals better highlights and shadow details, and gives you a more accurate photograph of what the human eye sees.

HDR Photography: "Chairs With Sleeping Dog"

• 10 Steps To HDR •


Aperture Priority Mode

2.  Use low ISO like 100.

3.  AUTO-FOCUS on subject, then switch to MANUAL FOCUS.

4.  Turn on CONTINUOUS SHOOTING shooting mode by pressing the "AF-DRIVE" button, rotate button to "multi-square" logo.

5.  Activate AEB mode in camera by
a. In MENUS (camera menu), select [Expo.Comp/ AEB], then press "SET."
Exposure Comp / AEB menu

     b. Turn upper DIAL to set AEB amount.
     c.  You can set exposure compensation amount with the dial.  
     d.  Best with 2 EV spacing (e.g. -2 EV, 0, +2 EV).  Nikons can add more exposures (up to 9), but Canons will only create 3 exposures.
e. Keep the tall red thing at zero, and rotate the dial out to the +2 & -2 EV setting.

     f.  Press the "SET button to select

     g.  When you exit the menu, the AEB level picture will be displayed on the LCD panel.  The AEB will remain until you turn off the camera.
LCD showing ready to take HDR

6.  Use tripod & LIVE VIEW to "lock up" the mirror and prevent shake.

7.  Use INTERVALOMETER as manual shutter release to prevent shake.

8.  Hold down shutter for two full seconds, and three pictures should fire.  Your first image is the regular exposure, then the underexposed photo, then the overexposed photo.

9. Use Photomatix software for creating HDR images, including batch processing & tone mapping presets.  $119 Pro version or free trial.  Awesome video tutorials.

10.  Export your image.

Ridiculously Tone Mapped Photo

Canon HDR Tutorials