Saturday, September 18, 2010

New $200 DIY wireless monitor for DSLRs

Check out this new DIY wireless monitoring system for $200 from San Diego based photographer Robert Benson. ($200)

This garage-made system is intended to be a workaround in a pinch versus a beautiful, dependable solution.  But for the price point, I'll give it a whirl!  Thanks to Snehal Patel from The Association for the heads up.

UPDATE (9-21-10) : I received my setup within two days.  I had it connected and working within 5 minutes from the box.  I installed the 9v battery to the transmitter, plugged it into the camera's A/V out, and turned on the monitor (it came already charged, and will work without a power cable for about 2.5 hours).  The transmitter disabled the on-camera display when connected to the A/V out, so focus and composition had to be done with the monitor only.  I put a few walls in between the monitor and camera, and while there was some distortion, it was still usable in a pinch.  You could even transmit to multiple monitors, if needed.

Overall, I'm very happy with the results of this system.  It does show some breakup the further away you get from the camera, but within 20 feet it was better than I expected.  You can definitely achieve focus from the monitor, if needed.  Such a simple solution for the price point.


20 feet away in hallway

Thursday, September 9, 2010