Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: 504HD fluid head from Manfrotto

504 HD Fluid Head

< JB's review:  For its price point, this Manfrotto 504HD fluid head ($490) and 535 carbon fiber tripod ($490) are a big upgrade to the entry level market.  The pan and tilt are extremely smooth, and quite a big jump up from the 501HDV head.

They claim it's all ball bearings these days, and I have to agree.  The movement on my DSLR is smooth like butta.  It balanced and mounted within 60 seconds of first use.

For under $1k, you get a great DSLR head, with some nice carbon fiber legs.  You can't go wrong with this upgrade, especially if you're struggling with the friction on the 501HDV.  I recommend this system if you are looking for something fast and professional in any setting.  The ENG crowd will love it.

< Unique bridging technology can support up to 16.3 lbs, and sits atop the 75mm half ball.  Leveling is easy with the back-lit bubble level.

3/8" f for Magic Arm

< The 504HD has two 3/8" f threads for adding a magic arm (for monitor or light).  One on each side of the top plate, this is a big change from the 501HDV.

< Using the 3/8" f thread to add a magic arm and focus monitor.

< Low angle mode on the 535 tripod that allows shots under 2 feet in height.

< The making of: Leica D-Lux 3, Bogen Magic Arm, Lite Panel Micro shooting the Canon 5D Mark II on a Manfrotto 504HD fluid head & Manfrotto 535 carbon Fiber legs.

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