Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IPhone Egg Timer 360 degree time lapse rig

This is an egg timer mount for 360 degree time lapse movies with your iPhone.

• iTimelapse app ($2.99)

• Camalapse egg timer ( - $25)

• Joby Gorillamobile tripod ( - $29)

• Contour Universal Mount adapter ($20)

JB's review:  Awesome stuff if you're interested in making 360 degree moving time lapses on the cheap.  I'm not mechanically-inclined enough to make my own egg timer mount, so I bought it from Camarush.  I plastered some gaffer's tape on the mount, and the iphone rests perfectly inside the Contour mount.  I might recommend a sturdier tripod, so your movie (and time) isn't wasted.  The egg has a hole in the bottom (1/4"f) that's perfect for a mount.  

The biggest problem is getting the iTimelapse movie off your iPhone and into your iPhoto.  To avoid the dreaded "green screen," the movie must be in either 24fps or 30fps, and at a low resolution like 640x480.  Then you can transfer into your CAMERA ROLL, to ultimately get to your iPhoto. Once on your hard drive, you can convert to the appropriate frame rate in quicktime.

Time lapse from my front porch using iTimelapse.

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