Friday, July 23, 2010

iPhone 4 with EnCinema 35mm lens adapter

< The iPhone 4 with EnCinema 35mm lens adapter, Owle Bubo rig, and 24-70mm f/2/.8L lens.  Sick DOF!  Thanks to the guys at Vid-Atlantic.

< My 24-70mm L series lens on the iPhone 4 with EnCinema 35mm lens adapter, and Owle Bubo rig.  Attached to Redrock Micro DSLR clamp & Manfrotto 501 fluid head with sticks.

iPhone 4 + EnCinema 35mm lens adapter + Owle Bubo + "Almost DSLR" app + lazy dog model.
JB's review: I promise to post some video asap!  I was very happy with this set up right out of the box.  Very easy to attach to the Owle Bubo and align horizontally.  The shallow DOF is excellent for an iPhone.  I wouldn't bother to compare it to my beloved 5DMKII, but it ain't half bad either.  I attached my Canon 24-70mm L series glass, and rack focused around the back yard.  I recommend this system if you're curious about the possibilities of adding DOF to your iPhone video.  I can't quite understand why I love it so much when I own a 5DMKII, but it makes me happy to say, "Look what I can do with my iPhone..."  This is just the beginning.

I had to shop around to get the right +10 macro lens adapters.  Since you need two of them, I recommend the Digital Concepts macro lens set.  I found these very easily on Ebay for around $17, and they were a great choice (x2).  Don't buy the "Lensbaby" macro lens adapters, as they will not work on the Owle Bubo.

< The "Almost DSLR" app is integral, so you don't have to work upside down.  Very simple app.  Trust me, if I can put this system together in less than 20 minutes, you'll be able to set it up in no time. 



  1. is your 'Manfrotto 501 fluid head with sticks' means Manfrotto 501 HDV head? or Pro Fluid Video Head with Rapid Connect Plate 501PL? Im trying to buy a tripod which fits my OWLE bubo for iphone 4, but not sure which one to buy.....I'm also thinking of buying the zgrip iphone cinema kit, do you have any comment for this product? Would you be able to help me out? Thanks :-)

  2. Hey Bae,

    Yes, I'm using the 501 HDV, which includes the quick release plate. The Redrock Micro DSLR clamp screws into the quick release plate, then that slides into the head.

    I personally own the Manfrotto 504HD fluid head with a Manfrotto 535 carbon fiber tripod. It really depends on your budget, and what you prefer.

    I really like the zgrip iPhone kit, but simply prefer the Owle Bubo for the weight, ergonomics, and lens control options. - Owle Bubo - Zacuto Zgrip

    Good luck with everything.

    And remember, equipment is great, but story is everything.


  3. Do you only use two x10 lens or do you mix it with the stock 2x lens?

  4. With this setup, you must use the two +10 macro lens adapters. Otherwise, your image will not be large enough to cover the camera's sensor.

  5. So just 2 10x lens with with owle bubo wide angle lens? I notice when I took the wide angle lens off, I got no vengeting. I have the three 2x lens that came with the encinema kit, that's why I was wondering if i could add the 2x with the 10x. I'm still new to all this. Thanks for your help.

  6. Where can I get the step up lens, and what do they do? I'm still do new this. Thanks man.

  7. I'm not sure what they ship the Encinema adapter with these days. I had to buy the the two +10 adapters off of Ebay (just Google Digital Concepts Macro set). I attached those to the Owle Bubo wide angle. Then, to mount the Encinema adpater, I had to purchase 2 step up rings (adapters that can be found at any online camera store like BH or Amazon). The step up rings convert the Owle Bubo wide angle to be able to accept the Encinema adapter's size. Click on the picture above, and you can see the exact set up. Just be careful when you mount your lens to the Encinema adapter that it doesn't pop off while shooting. I literally kept my hand on the lens to make sure. A lens support would help the weight. Good luck.

  8. Actually the owle bubo accepts the encinema lens without the step up rings now. My lens did keep falling off.:)
    Thanks for all your help.

  9. I'm concerned about the weight the lenses might put on the adapter and threads of the the Owle. Have you seen the need for any kind of rail/support bracket system to take some of the weight off?