Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPhone 4 Rig with Owle Bubo

Owle Bubo iPhone rig

• iPhone 4

Rode mic

Audio adapter to connect mic to iPhone

iPhone 4 shock mount for mounting iPhone to egg

Egg Timer mount for 360 degree time lapse

Redrock Micro DSLR baseplate

Redrock Micro carbon fiber rods

Manfrotto 501 HDV fluid head

JB's review: When fully juiced up, this Owle Bubo rig ($120) becomes a lethal camera for mobile interviews.  The Rode mic mounts directly to the cold shoe, although this gets a bit top heavy.  In the upper picture, I especially like the iPhone shock mount on top of the egg timer for time lapse.  Lots of good fun coming in the next few weeks.

Very happy with the quality of the OB, although it's a little difficult to get the new iPhone 4 to mount inside.  Will be shopping for new cases, but in a pinch, a little gaffer's tape goes along way (even a rubber band would hold it in).  I highly recommend the Owle Bubo for making your iPhone footage steady, and upgrading the quality of the picture with the wide angle lens.  If you want good sound, make sure to add the 3.5mm audio adapter from KV connection ($18.43).

UPDATE: I had great success with the Rocketfish mobile iPhone 4 case fitting inside the Owle Bubo rig.  It is a red, silicone fitted case (Model #RF-WR1002).  You can't get them online, but can purchase them at Best Buy.  This model has been discontinued, so I plan to scoop up a few.

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